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LiChrosorb? RP-18 (5 μm) ( 液相色譜柱填料 RP-18 (5 μm)

產品名稱: LiChrosorb? RP-18 (5 μm) ( 液相色譜柱填料 RP-18 (5 μm)
產品型號: 1093330010
產品展商: MERCK
產品文檔: 無相關文檔


LiChrosorb? RP-18 (5 μm) ( 液相色譜柱填料 RP-18 (5 μm)為創賽集團品質提供Merck系列產品,可查詢LiChrosorb? RP-18 (5 μm) ( 液相色譜柱填料 RP-18 (5 μm)價格,同系列LiChrosorb? RP-18 (5 μm) ( 液相色譜柱填料 RP-18 (5 μm)國內現貨,可提供定合成服務。提供型號,性能指標等技術資料。提供

LiChrosorb? RP-18 (5 μm) ( 液相色譜柱填料 RP-18 (5 μm)  的詳細介紹
產品名稱:LiChrosorb? RP-18 (5 μm) ( 液相色譜柱填料 RP-18 (5 μm)
產品包裝:Glass bottle
產品規格:10 g 

HS Code 3824 90 97
Solubility (20 °C) insoluble
Bulk density 200 - 400 kg/m3
S Phrase S 22
Do not breathe dust.
Storage class 10 - 13 Other liquids and solids
WGK NWG not water endangering
Disposal 32
Chromatographic residues: Aggressive, explosive (e.g. peroxides) or toxic substances in chromatographic layers or sorbents must be eliminated using suitable methods (washing out, elution) prior to disposal. The solvents used for elution can in many cases be reutilized. Larger quantities of sorbents (e.g. from columns) should be freed from solvents (filtration, drying) and packed into rip-resistant plastic sachets; container I. TLC carrier materials and columns should be disposed of together with the corresponding waste materials (aluminium, glass, plastic); container K.

關 鍵 字:LiChrosorb? RP-18 (5 μm) ( 液相色譜柱填料 RP-18 (5 μm)
CANSPEC品質提供的 LiChrosorb? RP-18 (5 μm) ( 液相色譜柱填料 RP-18 (5 μm) 性能**。產品LiChrosorb? RP-18 (5 μm) ( 液相色譜柱填料 RP-18 (5 μm)以其優良的品質滿足您不同實驗的多種需求。并保證每批的LiChrosorb? RP-18 (5 μm) ( 液相色譜柱填料 RP-18 (5 μm)質量和品質優良。大量現貨火爆促銷中,歡迎來電洽談選購,更多產品請登錄

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