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Abcam Cancer Antigen CA19-9人ELISA 試劑盒(ab108642)[僅用于科研,不可用于人體]

產品名稱: Abcam Cancer Antigen CA19-9人ELISA 試劑盒(ab108642)[僅用于科研,不可用于人體]
產品型號: 96 tests
產品展商: Abcam
產品文檔: 無相關文檔


Abcam代理商上海創賽科技,優勢提供Abcam Cancer Antigen CA19-9人ELISA 試劑盒(ab108642),**試劑盒Abcam Cancer Antigen CA19-9人ELISA 試劑盒(ab108642)優惠促銷

Abcam Cancer Antigen CA19-9人ELISA 試劑盒(ab108642)[僅用于科研,不可用于人體]  的詳細介紹

產品名稱 :Abcam Cancer Antigen CA19-9人ELISA 試劑盒(ab108642)

Abcam Cancer Antigen CA19-9人ELISA 試劑盒(ab108642)產品概述

ab108642 Cancer Antigen CA19-9 Human ELISA Kit is intended for the quantitative determination of the Cancer Antigen CA19-9 concentration in Human serum.
A group of mucin type glycoprotein Sialosyl Lewis Antigens (SLA), such as CA19-9 and CA19-5, have come to be recognized as circulating cancer associated antigens for gastrointestinal cancer. Cancer Antigen CA19-9 represents the most important and basic carbohydrate tumor marker. The immunohistologic distribution of Cancer Antigen CA19-9 in tissues is consistent with the quantitative determination of higher CA19-9 concentrations in cancer than in normal or inflamed tissues. Recent reports indicate that the serum CA19-9 level is frequently elevated in the serum of subjects with various gastrointestinal malignancies, such as pancreatic, colorectal, gastric and hepatic carcinomas. Research studies demonstrate that serum CA19-9 values may have utility in monitoring subjects with the above-mentioned diagnosed malignancies. It has been shown that a persistent elevation in serum CA19-9 value following treatment may be indicative of occult metastatic and/or residual disease. A persistently rising serum Cancer Antigen CA19-9 value may be associated with progressive malignant disease and poor therapeutic response. A declining Cancer Antigen CA19-9 value may be indicative of a favorable prognosis and good response to treatment.

Abcam Cancer Antigen CA19-9人ELISA 試劑盒(ab108642)存放說明:

Store at +4°C. Please refer to protocols.

Abcam Cancer Antigen CA19-9人ELISA 試劑盒(ab108642)種屬反應性:

與反應: Human

Abcam Cancer Antigen CA19-9人ELISA 試劑盒(ab108642)組件:

組件 1 x 96 tests
20X Washing Solution 1 x 50ml
Assay Buffer 1 x 13ml
Cancer Antigen CA19-9 reference standard set 6 x 0.5ml
Enzyme Conjugate Concentrate 1 x 1.1ml
Enzyme Conjugate Diluent 1 x 13ml
Murine monoclonal anti-Cancer Antigen CA19-9 coated microtiter plate. 1 unit
Stop Solution 1 x 11ml
TMB Substrate Solution 1 x 11ml


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